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Liang Jin – Story of a burned child

Liang Jin is a 5 year old Chinese child. He suffers from burns to 80% of his body. This was done by his father, who tried to burn himself and his son to death. The father is in an insane asylum in Guanxi province with burns to 20% of himself.


Liang Jin is in a hospital in Shenzhen area of Guangdong province in southeastern China. The only family involved with Liang Jin is his paternal grandfather, a man dedicated to helping his grandson. 


How we became awareness of this child and his medical issues was purely by chance. A member of the Shekou community, in the Shenzhen area of Guangdong province, was in the hospital sharing a room with this young boy. After the initial shock at seeing the condition of this young boy, Mike and his wife Suyun, began to interact with him. They discovered a wonderful young boy behind the scars and disfigurement he suffers. The nurses and doctors involved with Liang Jin also discovered this wonderful person. 


His will to survive and his persistence in striving forward are an amazement to everyone he meets. His eagerness to learn is a wonder to watch. Someone gave him a Lego kit of a helicopter. Without being able to read, only using the pictures provided, using hands that are partially missing and constricted, he put the helicopter together so that it can even roll. When people read to him, he follows along with unbelievable understanding and when he laughs, it is infectious and just brightens everyone's lives. 



How can we not help?

We have a dedicated group of educators – 2 Chinese and 2 Western- that have started teaching him. Everyone has agreed to spend at least two years providing for his educational needs. They are volunteering their time and expenses because they are such caring people but also because the see the will for living in this young boy. 


His capacity to absorb and persevere amazes all that meet him. His doctors and nurses have even been impacted by him. Though the hospital staff have many patients, Liang Jin has become the staff favorite. The have donated time, money and gifts to help this special person. 


What lies ahead for Liang Jin?

The following is a list of the medical needs over the next 18 – 24 months. 

  1. Rhinoplasty – 2 surgeries 
  2. Ear orthopedics – 2 surgeries 
  3. Reconstruction of hand scar contratures – 10 surgeries 
  4. Reconstruction of the elbow scar contractures – 6 surgeries 
  5. Reconstruction of the armpit scar contractures – 6 surgeries 
  6. Reconstruction of the neck scar constractures – 3 surgeries 
  7. Reconstruction of the face scar contractures – 2 surgeries 
  8. Reconstruction of the eyelids contractures – 2 surgeries 
  9. Physical therapy – 4 times per week 


These are the beginning medical requirements. His medical needs will be ongoing as his body grows. Also, since his body cannot breath properly, he will need to live in a climate controlled environment when not in the hospital. His apartment will need to be near the hospital when he is an outpatient between surgeries so that he can attend the physical therapy sessions. His apartment will need to have an area set up for his educational needs because he will probably never be able to go to a normal school. So you can see, the expenses will be long term – 20 years. 


We have the easy part- raising funds. Liang Jin and his medical team are the ones who have the difficulty of getting this young boy the chance to fulfill the potential we all see in him.



Why make so much effort for one young child? I have helped raise money over the years for orphans, medical needs for other children such as heart operations, water wells for Haiti after their earthquake. But never have I been touched so emotionally by one child in need. Yes, there is a lot of needs in this world, I fully understand. But if you ever met this child, I am sure you would also think wow, what a fighter, what a gift he could become to the world.


Please, try to assist this amazing human being.




Please use the account information below to make your donations to help Liang Jin.


1. 捐赠账户:
户     名:深圳市慈善会
开 户 行:中国民生银行深圳分行福田支行
帐 号:1806 0144 0000 0055            

Donation account:
Household name: shenzhen charitable association
Bank of China Minsheng Bank Shenzhen Branch Futian Sub-branch
Account No.: 1806 0144 000 0055

Account contributions must be noted: Deyiliangjin

Our donation to the Tencent charity will be entered into the Shenzhen Charity Association's Deyi fund account. Every invoice can be invoiced.
The charity Tencent will monitor, the  Shenzhen charity will monitor, you can also check the accounts, we will take the initiative to open.


Or you can make personal donations via this WeChat QR Code

You can also donate using non-RMB currencies at the Liang Jin GoFundMe page.





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