What was once a bustling Expat hangout area is slowly dying out. Dwindling business after the forced removal of outdoor seating, constant inspections (seen by many as targeted harrassment), and rising rent prices have contributed to an increasing number of closures; including the sad farewell of Brew Magic Pub late last month. There are now more hair salons and spas than expat businesses on this once very international street. 



Expats would fill the outdoor seating on a daily basis and practically overrun the sidewalks on the weekends. Aulon Bar, now Volfoni, one of, if not the, longest surviving Western restaurant on the strip, recently announced that it closed this last Sunday. Most famous for their Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pizza deal on Tuesdays, the restaurant was often packed with foreigners enjoying their nice environment and once spacious outdoor seating area.


Cheeky Monkey, a relatively new bar that just two years ago took over the location that Jordans once occupied, also closed this past weekend. Their situation is slightly different though. They were able to lock in a decent rent price; however, the family that owned it has decided to leave China and move back home. 


Luckily, that location (#55 on the strip) with good rent isn't going to waste. Volfoni has announced that it's going to take it over and will be re-opening there sometime in July so keep your eyes open for it.

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