If you're tired of wearing shorts and t-shirts, you're in luck! It's time to get out your Autumn clothes, if you haven't already.



Weekend (16-17) forecast: cloudy, dry, and foggy



You may have noticed that we haven't had any signifcant rainfall in Shenzhen since October 16. That has put the city in a mild drought and made the air a bit dryer than usual for this time of year. In fact, the city has had its Wild Fire Warning at orange since November 6th.


For those sensitive to air quality fluctuations, you may want to wear a mask, keep the windows shut and air purifier on, and minimize outdoor exercise.


Temperature Drop

The weather in Shenzhen this weekend is expected to be cloudy with dry air, and light fog or haze, and temperatures between 20-27 °C. Expect substantial differences between morning and evening temperatures.



From Monday through Tuesday (18-19th), the impact of cold air, dry weather continues, dropping temperatures significantly (as low as 16 ° C), as strong winds from the north persist. In some areas temperatures are expected to hit new lows for the second half of this year.


Is this normal?

Historically speaking...

The earliest recorded time Shenzhen has entered "autumn time" was September 28th, 1997. Autumn time is defined as the first day the sliding average temperature has been ≤ 22 °C for 5 days straight. In the past five years, the earliest autumn time in Shenzhen was November 2nd and the latest time was November 25. The average is November 3rd.


Tropical Storm Kalmaegi Enters the South China Sea Next Week

The 26th typhoon of the year, "Kalmaegi" is expected to enter the South China Sea at the beginning of next week. Together with the influence of cold air, the coastal winds and waves in Guangdong will increase significantly. Coastal and island tourism and sea vessels should take care.

Fortunately, this storm isn't expected to have any serious direct impact on Shenzhen, but... get your warmer clothes ready... it's going to get chilly.



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