There aren't many expats who haven't, at least once during there stay here in Shenzhen, experienced the warm-hearted greetings, friendly service, delicious food and downright homey environment created by Bob and Crystal; who along with the unforgettable Jenny and Apple, have brought us three years of St. Patrick's Day Festivities, Thanksgiving Dinners, Christmas Buffets, Pool Competitions and Tournaments, and countless memories with friends new and old. 


Unfortunately, something all too common in this fast paced city we live in has happened... and it did so without notice. Last night, Bob and Crystal announced that they had made the difficult decision to close Brew Magic Pub. "The landlord has doubled the rent," they explained, as their regular customers gathered upon hearing the news of their eminent closure. "It's just too much."


This abrupt news is part of what seems to be the unfortunate reality we live in. At any moment, the people and places we often take for granted can be taken from us; however, this does not mean that we cannot come together tonight to say goodbye, to wish these beautiful people well, and to help them finish their remaining 12 kegs of beer. 



No matter how you feel about the situation, whether you've been to this particular bar or not, we shouldn't let the beer suffer. Come join us as give them a proper farewell.


Brew Magic Pub is located at Coastal Rose Garden 2, Shop #52. Doors open for the final time at 3:00 p.m. today.



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