A recent bust here in Shenzhen will have you thinking twice before buying drinks from local street vendors. Local law enforcement officials have recently announced that an unlicensed street vendor was recently busted in Shenzhen for mixing "fresh sugarcane juice" with dirty sugar water that had dead worms floating in it. 


According to the Shenzhen Television station news report, the woman sold the juice from a cart on her tricycle here in Shenzhen. She was discovered by officials while they were patrolling doing hygiene checks on March 26th near Shenzhen Baoan Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

According to the report, they dismantled her equipment to have a look inside and found a wooden board beside the juicing machine on her three-wheeler. Under the board they discovered a concealed compartment hiding a 20-liter (5.3 gallon) foam box filled with a cloudy, yellow, and smelly liquid with dead worms in it. A plastic hose connected the liquid with the juicing machine so it could be mixed with the freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. With this creative little contraption, the vendor was said to be able to sell five cups from just one cup of actual juice. 

“This elderly woman has been selling her sugar cane juice in this area for many years,” an urban management official told the news station. “This water is sold to our children to drink.”


Chinese woman sold sugarcane drinks diluted with dirty water

Street vendor found mixing sugarcane juice with 'dirty water'

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