Good news! A new ferry route officially opened yesterday to help you get between Shenzhen <-> Guangzhou in just 35 minutes!

This new route, from the Shenzhen Airport Terminal to and from Guangzhou Nansha Passenger Port, is the first passenger transportation sea route between the two cities.

35 minutes one way
Previously, those wanting to get to/from the Shenzhen Airport from Nansha had to travel more than 1.5 hours via the Humen or Nansha Bridge. The travel time is often much worse when there is traffic.

There are multiple free shuttle buses for transfers to the terminal as well. Including this transfer/connection time, you can arrive as quickly as 45 minutes.

Voyage times:

Shenzhen Airport Terminal to Guangzhou Nansha Passenger Port:
10:10, 13:30, 17:35;

Guangzhou Nansha Passenger Port to Shenzhen Airport Terminal:
09:00, 11:50, 16:30.

It is reported that Shenzhen Airport Terminal will also plan to open passenger routes to Pazhou, Shunde and other ports in the future.


Fare Information

Official operation (from June 29th):

  • Shenzhen-Nansha: 10:10 13:30 17:35
  • Nansha-Shenzhen: 09:00 11:50 16:30


Boat fare: Adult one-way fare for ordinary cabin is 90 yuan .

Shenzhen airport terminal Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Macau, Hong Kong airport boat schedule and fare information


  • Shenzhen-Zhongshan: 07:30 to 20:30, 14 flights per day, adult one-way fare 120 yuan.
  • Shenzhen-Zhuhai: 07:30 to 20:00, 16 flights per day, adult one-way ticket for ordinary cabin is 130 yuan.
  • Shenzhen-Hong Kong Airport: 08:35 to 20:00, 8 flights per day, adult one-way ticket for ordinary class is 295 yuan.
  • Shenzhen-Macao Outer Port: 09:00 to 18:00, 8 departures per day, adult one-way ticket for ordinary class is 235 yuan.
  • Shenzhen-Macau Taipa: 08:45 to 19:30, 8 departures per day, adult one-way ticket for ordinary class is 235 yuan.

Affected by the epidemic, the routes from Shenzhen Airport Terminal to Hong Kong Airport and Macau have been temporarily suspended, and the schedules of other routes have also been adjusted. Please reconfirm before travelling


Shenzhen Airport Terminal Traffic Guide

1. Public transportation:

(1) Take the Shenzhen Metro Line 11 to the "Airport Station", get off the bus and move to the outside of Gate 16 on the second floor of the Shenzhen Airport Ground Transportation Center (GTC), and take the free shuttle bus to the airport terminal;
(2) Take Shenzhen Metro Line 1 to "Hou Rui Station", get off and transfer to M419 bus to the airport terminal;
(3) Take the E16, M419, M197, M527 bus and get off at the "Airport Terminal Station".

2. Self-driving and others:

For self-driving, you can search for "Shenzhen Airport Terminal"  “深圳机场码头” through Gaode Map or Baidu Map, and follow the navigation guidelines. The airport terminal is located in the southwest of Shenzhen Airport Terminal T3; you can also take a car, taxi, etc. to get there.

Source: 深圳去广州可以坐“水上巴士”了 单程只要35分钟!

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