△On New Year's Day in 1992, free karaoke in Shekou Sihai Park. Photo by Zhang Xinmin

Sihai Park in Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, officially opened on July 1, 1989.

There are 619 lychee trees that are more than 100 years old on the banks of the east and west lakes. Photo by Luo Pei

With a total area of 135,501 square meters, the park has been a place for residents to enjoy a bit of nature for over 30 years.

Despite its beautiful environment, few could argue that the park didn't need an upgrade.

/01. Upgrade completed: the old park is rejuvenated

Version 2.0 of Sihai Park has added a lot of highlights. The park's Guide Map shows that the park, with the help of the Nanshan District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, now has more than 30 areas to enjoy; such as Lixiang Garden, Dieshui Bridge, Rhododendron Garden, Children's Paradise, Lingnan Tea Bar, Han Culture Museum, and Terraces Dioshui.

See below for more details.

 Geisha Taurus

△"Golden Bull" large-scale art sculpture is a well-known attraction in the park. It is 30 meters high and designed by Chinese contemporary art artist Han Meilin to commemorate and promote the pioneering spirit of the Shenzhen people's hard work.

 Running track around the lake

△The track around the lake is 1.3 kilometers long.

 Huayang Waterfront


Water Spouts

△Water spouts at Jinniu Square.


 Old lychee forest

△On the banks of the east and west lakes, 619 lychee trees, over a hundred years old, are completely preserved.


Beautiful lake view

△The eutrophicated water at the lake has been drastically improved after reparation of the older water management facilities.


Binhu Plank Road


Lingnan Tea Room Courtyard

△The original architectural functions and courtyard space of the tea garden in the park are re-decorated and transformed into a unique Lingnan tea bar.


Convenient facilities

△The park has added convenient facilities such as small greenways, leisure seats, direct drinking water, public toilets, and children's playgrounds. The entire park also now integrates complete 5G communications coverage, wifi signals, and light pole lighting, monitoring, and audio technologies.

Source: 刚刚,四海公园开放,一大拨高清美图来袭!



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