It is with great pleasure that we announce that ShekouDaily is changing it's name to InBene. Over the next few months, you'll start to see more and more of our content using this new name.

Considering our growing partnerships across the country, and the increasing number of discussions with partners about potential international expansion, we've decided that now is a good time to begin the transition to a new name and brand with our long-term goal in mind of developing a global platform dedicated to providing tools, information, and resources to help people while they're traveling.


A Bit of History

A lot has changed since we first officially launched ShekouDaily back in January 2014. I still remember that night out with friends, debating which place would be the best to watch the SuperBowl from, and launching the site to compare options. Starting as a hobby, the website slowly grew as we continued to add information about events and food and drink deals we gathered while spending time out at various establishments in the Sea World and Coastal Rose Garden areas of Shekou, Shenzhen.

Considering that Shekou had the largest concentration of expats of any region in China, and that most establishments catering to expats in Shenzhen at that time were in Shekou, it seemed only fitting to use Shekou in our name. The name has served us well but times change and our audience is no longer just those who "live, work, or play in Shekou." In fact, our audience has and continues to grow even outside of Shenzhen.


Last year, our company, SHP Business Management & Marketing Consulting, started another project called EatForCharity. It began as a small fundraising tool for local charities and launched just as the initial lockdown in Shenzhen began during the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. Seven restaurants in Shekou were part of the original project which has now grown to over 150 across 11 cities in China. 


With the help of our quizmaster Jacques at George & Dragon, we've also retrofitted an online trivia system that we developed and have been using since 2018 to work as a multi-venue game allowing teams in multiple locations to compete against each other online. This year we started playing with teams at Imperial Inn in Shekou and at Juice Baby in Futian along with those of us at George & Dragon in Sea World. It's been increasing in popularity and we've recently begun discussions with others about growing the game to other venues around the country.


So what does InBene mean?

Bene (as seen in the word "Benefit") comes from the Latin word for good or well, so our name reflects our goal which is to make sure that you're always in good, that you're well-connected and well taken care of, with tools, resources, and information to help you live well.

With this new name change, we look forward to better serving you and our growing audience across China and eventually the world. It will take time, this won't happen overnight, but we're excited you're here with us at this stage and look forward to reaching those goals together with you in the future.

As always, we welcome and look forward to any feedback or questions you may have as well. Thank you for continuing to follow, read, comment, and share.

Best wishes,
Gary Isse
InBene (formerly ShekouDaily)

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