Most tourists or occassional visitors to Sea World in Shekou, Shenzhen, rarely venture to the area behind the fire station in Zone C. Those who live, work, or study nearby; however, often walk or ride down this way to quickly get in or out. It hasn't always been the most pleasant area though; especially at night. Fortunately, that all changed this week with the opening of a brand new park.

▲ Zhang Yuqing, director of the Nanshan District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, Liu Li, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhaoshang Sub-District, and others unveiled the new park.

The new Sea World Street Park was inaugurated and opened Wednesday morning at the start of the "Double Festival".

The renovation greatly improves the area between Sea World, residential complexes, and the nearby school with a beautiful urban garden.

Sea World Street

  • Address: Adjacent to Prince Bay School, Shekou Seaside Garden Community, and to the southwest of Sea World
  • Area: 6,800 square meters
  • Amenities: Leisure seats, wind and rain pavilions, planted with yellow-flowered campanula, purple-flowered campanula, and a variety of perennial flowering shrubs and trees.

The new street park is a direct result of input from residents and friends who gave feedback and suggestions regarding this area.

▲The park nicely complements the neighboring Seaside Garden Community.

After much work and discussions, Zhaoshang Sub-District converted the previously unincorporated area with the support of the Nanshan District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, the Prince Bay School, the Sea World Management Office, and the Water Bay Workstation.

▲Wall separating the park from the Shekou Seaside Garden Community.

Be sure to stop by and enjoy the new park next time you're in Sea World.

Source: 为“双节”献礼!海上世界街心公园今日揭牌开放!



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