With the beautiful weather this long holiday weekend, many people are out enjoying themselves in open public spaces. If you're one of them. Please take care to avoid these small red mounds on the ground.

These mounds can contain thousands, if not millions of very aggressive, poisonous, and potentially deadly insects known as fire ants.

                                                       Red Fire Ant

The Latin name of the red fire ant means "invincible" ants, and is named after its difficulty in prevention and control. The name Fire ants was given due to the burning sensation you get after being stung by them.

Don't be fooled by their small size. They may not seem lethal, but they're actually very dangerous. In fact, some people in Guangdong have recently suffered from strokes due to them.

                              Man bitten during a walk in the park
                              became breathless and unable to walk


At 9 o'clock on the evening on June 3, Mr. Zhenping Jiangmen walked in the park with his friends. Suddenly he found his feet sore, as if they were burnt by fire. Through the light, Mr. Zhen found that there were a lot of little black ants crawling on his feet! The ants that bit Mr. Zhen are red fire ants.

After being bitten, Mr. Zhen's feet appeared red and became swollen  with blisters, he quickly brushed the ants off his feet. But soon after, he was unable to breath and fell to the ground, unable to walk normally.

With the help of friends and passerbys, emergency units quickly arrived at the scene for first aid.

According to the doctor, Mr. Zhen later developed a red rash all over his body, indicating that he had an allergic reaction. After the intial treatment, Mr. Zhen was rushed to the hospital for further treatment. After receiving medication he was discharged from the hospital later that night.


                                          Red fire ants are listed as
                    One of the 100 most destructive invasive creatures


In China, red fire ants are invasive organisms. About 3-7 mm in length, they were imported into China from the United States through flowers, wood, organic fertilizer, etc. a few years ago. They are listed as one of the 100 most destructive invasive creatures.


When a large amount of venom from the red fire ant sac is injected into your skin, it will immediately cause a violent burning sensation, and the skin will form blisters, hard swelling, and itching. Blisters rupture and can also cause secondary bacterial infections.

The venom of the red fire ant also contains a small amount of water-soluble proteins and other substances, which can cause allergic reactions in a small number of people with allergies. In severe cases , it can cause anaphylactic shock, such as difficulty breathing, paleness, edema and spasm of the throat or bronchus, and reduced blood pressure. As well as dizziness, fatigue, coma, convulsions, etc., that can cause death.

Fire Ants have not been seen in almost all cities in Guangdong, and in all

                                                    districts of Shenzhen.


According to the Longgang District CDC, red fire ants are found in various districts in Shenzhen. Farmland, wasteland, green belts, roadsides, orchards, parks, dams, etc. are the places where they appear most often.

                         What should I do if I am bitten by an ant ?

Recommendations from the Longgang District Center for Disease Control

① Wash the wound area with soapy water as soon as possible to relieve symptoms quickly;
② Iodophor can also be used to disinfect the wound.
③If the discomfort is serious, it is recommended to seek medical treatment immediately.

Red Fire Ant

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