Great news for arts and culture lovers in the Greater Bay Area! Shenzhen is planning a world-class cultural landmark and tourism destination right here in Shekou.

Shenzhen Opera House Rendering


On the afternoon of October 15, Mr. Chen Ping, the first president of the National Centre for the Performing Arts, was invited to give a lecture on “Strengthening Cultural Confidence and Striving to Realize People's New Expectations for a Better Life” where he discussed his vision for Shenzhen's new opera house to be built in Shekou.

Mr. Chen Ping, the first president of the National Centre for the Performing Arts


The new opera house should have its own resident orchestra, opera group or ballet group, design teams, and a full range of stage technology, he said. The Performing Arts Center of the opera house should have multiple theaters covering different functions; including opera, symphony, ballet, drama, experimental drama, etc.; and provide a venue for art education, art exchange, exhibition display, art collection and display, academic research, cultural creation and sales, and temple management.


Shenzhen Opera House Rendering


With a construction area of ​​180,000 square meters; including the main building, architectural community and supporting community, the Shenzhen's Opera house will be bigger than the Guangzhou Opera House and Zhuhai Opera House.


Shenzhen Opera House Rendering

Video: Shenzhen Opera House Location. Editing / Wang Wei


East corner head aerial picture. Shekou News reporter Huang Xuebo


The Opera House will face Shenzhen Bay Bridge in the east, Shenzhen Bay Coastal Leisure Belt in the south and Hong Kong across the sea.



Shenzhen Opera House will be located between the Donjiaotou and Wanxia Metro Stations on the Nantou Peninsula.


The two stations are about 1,000 meters from the site.

Metro Line 13 (Guangming-Shenzhen Bay) will have a stop there as well when phase 4 of the line construction is completed.



Source: 重磅!深圳歌剧院怎么建?市工务署这场讲座释放关键信息

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