UPDATED Aug 18th: Added showtimes to the schedule.

Mexican singer Vanessa Zamora released her critically acclaimed debut album, "Hasta la Fantasia" in Mexico in 2014 with two hit songs "Te Quiero Olvidar" and "Para Siempre." They were embraced on both sides of the border as she toured Mexico and the US.

This two-nation 'Hasta La Fantasia' tour propelled Vanessa into the indie scene next to indie pop starlets Natalia Lafourcade and Carla Morrison and opened doors for her to share the stage with Ximena Sariñana and collaborate on a project with Paulino Monroy; two well-known Mexican artists.


Vanessa Zamora Hasta La Fantasia


Vanessa is now promoting her new single “Nada Se Perdió,” as well as her upcoming album in a tour in Shekou, Shenzhen this week, where she'll perform, for the first time, with her cousin and rising Mexican artist Dinorah Zamora.


Vanessa Zamora Hasta La Fantasia


“Nada Se Perdió” is the bridge between the wistful Vanessa of her debut album and the more mature and open version of herself we’ll witness with the upcoming release, due later this year.

Check out this official video of Vanessa Zamora's hit single Nada Se Perdió

Dinorah Zamora spent her teenage years in a musical household in the Shekou area where her dad wrote and produced original music in a studio he had built in their living room. She looked up to him and was constantly daydreaming of creating her own content. It didn't take her long.


Zamora Cousins

At the young age of eight she was enlisted to sing vocals in her first recording. She spent her elementary school years in a performing arts school, where she took violin lessons and performed at her school talent shows. Although she learned the violin she much preferred the guitar. So much so that when she moved to China in 2010 she began taking guitar lessons from a Chinese teacher who she could barely communicate with. They paid off though... by the age of 12 she was performing live with local bands like Kaktooz, Mind The Gap, Acushla, Gone Wild, Harmony, T.A.S, Flow Control and Alien Encounter as well as with local celebrities such as; Steve Jones and Jim Masdea.


Dinorah Zamora

Inspired by her big move to China, and being bullied in elementary school over "unusual" birthmarks, she wrote a song called "Alone" and recorded the music video at her school. At this point Dinorah and her parents started taking her career more seriously and shortly afterwards, by the age of 13, she had recorded her next song, "Someday".


Dinorah Zamora

Although living a thrilling life in China, at 16 years of age, Dinorah packed up her bags to chase her dreams. In 2015, she hopped on a plane to San Diego, California to study a performing arts school; where she's since been working on her upcoming EP......


Check out this video of Dinorah Zamora covering House of the Rising Sun (by the Animals). Guitar by: Steve Jones Keyboard by: Carlos Carranza Produced by Audio Witch Productions.


Be sure to catch their unique shows this week in Sea World, Shekou, Shenzhen during any or all of the following dates:

* Thursday August 18th, 9-10pm at X-TA-SEA
* Friday August 19th, 8:30-9:30pm at Pancho's
* Friday August 19th, 11:20-11:40pm at Terrace
* Saturday August 20th, 10:30pm at Enigma


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