Whether you've already visited yet or not, don't miss today, the last day of the Shenzhen International Food & Drink Festival! 



Congratulations to Dane and Leanne for putting on an event attendees are raving about. 



This multicultural festival is not taking place in Shekou; however, it's not far and is well worth the trip. 



To get there from Shekou, take Metro Line 2 and exit XiangMeiBei Station Exit D and walk to the red pin (pictured below). If taking a cab, show them this address: 1979文化生活新领域.



Yes, the event is family-friendly so feel free to bring down the lot; including your doggies, which are welcome at the venue. Samoyeds, Corgies, Border Collies, Wippets, Poodles and Pekinese are among some of the cuties spotted there so far.



There's back-to-back entertainment including DJs, live bands and more.



Plus plenty of activities to get involved in and have some fun.



The major attraction... delicious cuisines from around the world to excite your taste buds and give you a chance to discover new restaurants that you may not have tried before. 



There are also plenty of drink suppliers from all over Shenzhen and other parts of China sharing some delicious beverages to keep you well hydrated throughout the day and night.



Yes, you may have missed the first couple of days activities; such as the hot-dog eating contest...



...however, there's still a lot going on during the final day. Here's a schedule in case you missed it. 



The event started Friday April 20th from 5pm - 10pm, continued Saturday from 12pm - 10pm and wraps up today from 12pm - 10pm.



If you can't make it for any reason, Click here for a list of other events, activities and promotions going on today.


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