Join us Friday June 22nd, for a brand new addition to the line-up of annual ShekouDaily parties. As usual, we'll have freeflow food and drinks, Live Music and Lucky Draw Prizes! What's the occassion? Nothing really, we just want to say thank you for following and supporting us throughout the years. We've been told we need a name for this party though so, since it's at the start of the summer, we'll just call it... ShekouDaily's Hello Summer Party.



So, what's on the menu?

For you beer lovers...

We have three great beers on the menu, freeflow from 6-10pm, chosen specifically to satisty almost every palette: Vedett White - Belgian White Ale, Pale 31 - California Pale Ale, and Bully Porter - an English-style Porter.


For you wine lovers...

We have two erotic selections all the way from Flamenco country, freeflow from 6-10pm: Sendero de Color Red 2016 by Exotic Winds and Viña Flamenca Semi Dry White by Exotic Winds.



For you foodies out there...

We'll enjoy a four course buffet, from 7-9pm, of amazing Thai food provided by the Terrace.


For starters, we have Vegetable Spring Rolls (shown below) and Grilled Pork Neck.


For salads, we have Papaya Salad and Caesar Salad (both shown below).


For our main courses, we have Chicken Phad Thai, Thai Style Fried Rice With Beef (shown below), and Terrace Cheese Burgers (shown below); and 


For Dessert, we have Sticky Rice With Mango, Sago With Coconut, and Watermelon (all shown below).


Entertainment Statement

To please our auditory senses, we'll also be enjoying LIVE MUSIC by the delicious, award-winning members of TAS, the Terrace House band.


Lucky Draw Prizes

And as if all that weren't enough, we'll also be giving away Lucky Draw Prizes throughout the night! Here are a few examples of what we've lined up so far:


HarMoniCare Women and Children's Hospital has provided two packages for our lucky draw: The first is a complete Physical Examination Package for Women valued at 1,986 RMB;


The second lucky draw package provided by HarMoniCare Women and Children's Hospital is a High-profile Check-up Package for Children, valued at 1,380 RMB.



Exotic Winds, our wine sponsor for the evening, is providing: Spanish Fine Wine Sendero de Color; High End Spanish Olive Oil; and 20% off their Wine Reseller Course (more details about this course to come).


and June Yoga Studio knows that we're going to need to work out a bit after this party so they've offered TWO one-week FREE Yoga Classes at their studio!


The Suspense is Killing Me!

By now you're probably thinking, "Damn it Gary, I'm convinced, just tell me how much already." If that's not the case, scroll back up and read the list again as you may have missed something. If so, I'm happy to say it's absolutely FREE for ShekouAngels +1 guest each; or just 150 RMB for early bird ticket purchasers; or 200 RMB at the door for you procrastinators or people who aren't paying close enough attention to our articles.

Terrace in Sea World, Shekou, Shenzhen


Now you're probably thinking, "Whoooaaaat!? That's unbelievable! That can't be right." Well, it is! It just goes to show how much we love you. So don't miss what's sure to be an awesome event. There's a limited number of tickets so don't wait too long to click here and get your early bird tickets before they run out. Early Bird ticket sales end 24 hours prior to the start of the event or when 100 tickets are sold; whichever comes first.


We look forward to seeing you there!


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