Sunshine Academy 

Eighth Annual Sunshine Academy Benefit Fair


November 19, 2016 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

California Kids Club Riviera Garden, Nanshan

2016年11月19日上午十点 - 下午两点




Sunshine Academy Mission阳光公益学校使命

Sunshine Academy is dedicated to love and educate Chinese orphans: instilling dignity and life skills to enable an independent life.



Sunshine Academy Kids

At Sunshine Academy we believe that each child deserves to be loved unconditionally and that within clear limits they have freedom to express themselves and to reach their full-potential.  We accomplishes this through our full time preschool, evening Sunset Hours program, Weekend Adventures (outings) and Sunshine Special and Vocational Education School (SVE) for older students.





Sunshine Academy was established in April 2007 in Bao’an Shenzhen. We are a registered Chinese NGO, working in partnership with the Bao’an, Dongguan and Zhuhai Social Welfare Centers (also completed projects in Shenzhen City and Longgang) located in Guangdong Province, PRC. We are also a registered non-profit 501(c)3 in the United States.



阳光学校在2007年4月成立于深圳宝安。我们是一个在中国注册的民办非营利性机构,与深圳宝安,东莞市、珠海 (以及完成合作的深圳市和龙岗区)社会福利中心合作,为生活在福利中心的孩子们提供高品质的教育、专业护理及关爱,我们也在美国注册为非营利性机构。


 Sunshine Academy Fair Map



Sunshine Benefit Fair


Face Painting

Sunshine Academy is enabled by private donations and gifts from people like you, corporations, and community groups. All administrative overhead is underwritten by the Bauer Family therefore 100% of your donation goes to staffing our team to directly benefit the children. Last year two thousand people enjoyed this family event so please come and join in the fun for the Eighth Annual Sunshine Academy Benefit Fair! This community event is designed for the entire family with the proceeds going to the Sunshine Academy kids! Food, music, art, sports, and shopping are all apart of this fantastic day.



International Food Court国际美食街

Watch French crepes being made before your eyes, taste an oven roasted Thanksgiving Turkey; enjoy BBQ or cotton candy all at the International Food Court! You and your family or friends can register for a booth and sell your aunt’s famous dumplings or your children’s favorite food! Don't forget a cup of fresh coffee or wine tasting to top the meal off! The delicious aromas coming from the International Food Court will satisfy your cravings as you support the Sunshine kids! 来国际美食街亲眼看看如何制作法式薄饼;品尝刚刚出炉的感恩节火鸡;享受烧烤或棉花糖的美味。您和您的家人或者朋友可以申请一个摊位来卖水饺或您孩子喜欢的食物!不要忘记享受美食之后再来一杯现磨咖啡或红酒哦!来自国际美食街的香味会满足您对美食的渴望,你也能支持到阳光孩童!

International Food Courts



Time for shopping! The vendors at the bazaar will give you lots of choices when is time for shopping. Children’s books, clothes and household items – all for a good cause! Do you have a product you would like to sell?




Kids Carnival儿童嘉年华

Face-painting, basketball, a bounce house for the kids– there will be activities for all ages!会有所有年龄段的孩子都适合参加的脸绘、篮球和弹跳床的活动!


Talent Show才艺表演

The central focus of the Benefit Fair will be our International Talent Show. A showcase of talent coming from our local schools will celebrate the musical abilities of Shenzhen’s children and create a festive backdrop for the day.





Lucky Draw幸运大抽奖

Purchase a ticket to win amazing prizes! Throughout the Fair, we will be drawing tickets and announcing names of the lucky winners. You need not be present to win your prize, we will contact you by text message to let you know the great news that you are a winner! Tickets may be purchased in advanced at California Kids Club or purchased at the Fair.




Sunshine Academy


Silent Auction无声拍卖

Try your hand at our Silent Auction – you could walk home with a high quality item such as new electronics or a restaurant voucher. These items have been donated for the Silent Auction by generous local businesses and are up for sale!  Find something you like? Write down your bid of how much you are willing to pay for it and then watch out to make sure no other bidders offer a higher price than yours! If someone offers more, now it is your turn to write down your new bid. At the end of the Silent Auction, if you have the highest bid on the item, you win! You pay your bid and take home your item. Do you have an item you would like to donate to the Silent Auction? Let our office know!






Information on registering for a booth


Booth fees are as follows:



Family/Individual Booth: 300 RMB (200 RMB Early Bird Specia - Ends this weekend)



Corporate Business Booth: 1500 RMB (1000 RMB Early Bird Special - Ends this weekend)



  • The table at the booth is 1.2 m x 0.6 m. Feel free to bring banners to advertise your booth, please no large tents.

  • 摊位桌子规格为:1.2m x 0.6m摊位上可以放横幅做广告,


  • Electricity can be provided for a limited number of booths.


  • See attached application for registering a booth.



2015 Sunshine Academy Benefit Fair 



We are pleased to announce the opportunity for local schools or businesses to sponsor this wonderful event. Through the sponsorship of this event, local businesses can help abandoned children and be apart of an exciting and fun family event attended by thousands from our community!



Sponsorship Levels捐助级别


We love it when the sun shines bright for our Sunshine Academy Kids! 我们热爱阳光照耀我们阳光学校的孩子们! The Sunrise Sponsorship Level: RMB 3,800
The Lighthouse Sponsorship Level: RMB 15,000
The Anchor Sponsorship Level: RMB 25,000



Sponsors will receive the following


  • Company logo on all promotional materials distributed to all international schools, churches and complexes and in local paper (logo size and prominence dependent on level of sponsorship)



  • Public thanks given by event emcee throughout event



  • Free booth given for business to promote themselves and sell goods or services at the event



  • Company logo and special thanks published in Fall 2016 Sunshine Newsletter (logo size and prominence dependent on level of sponsorship)



  • Special framed Thank You presented by Sunshine Academy and on display at event



  • Fapiao issued by Sunshine Academy for donation



Sponsors who sell goods or services at the event are encouraged to donate portions of their profits. Donation boxes will be available.



Contact information/联系信息:

Sunshine Academy阳光学校: 0775-86268617


California Kids Club加州儿童会:

Cathy Zuo at 86260010

Stella He at 83298605



Sunshine Academy


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