On the morning of March 29, the Yanta branch of the Public Security Bureau received a call about a foreigner in the area who was not wearing a mask when entering a residential area and refused to obey the property management.

According to the relevant provisions of the law of the People's Republic of China on penalties for the administration of public security and the law of the People's Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry, the violator shall be given an administrative penalty and be ordered to leave the country within a certain period of time.

Screenshot of Yanta public security microblog

Earlier reports

Foreign man refused to wear a mask, but was also abusive and attacked epidemic prevention personnel, police investigation!

According to @ huashang.com, on March 29, a video of a foreign man refusing to wear a mask at nanfeihong square in Xi'an city began circulating on the Internet. In the video he is seen insulting and attacking the epidemic prevention personnel in the shopping mall. His behavior has been causing quite the uproar among Chinese netizens.

According to on-site personnel, the foreigner was stopped by the staff and then suddenly became angry. He began to abuse the staff of the store who stopped him and hit others with his mobile phone. Subsequently, the staff of the shopping mall called the police and the police of Xi'an Yanta branch took the man away for investigation.

Source: 外籍男子不戴口罩还辱骂攻击防疫人员,西安警方:限期出境!

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