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Direct Flights to/from Shenzhen to 60 Cities Worldwide

January 02, 2020

In 2019, Shenzhen Airport made the impressive achievement of connecting with direct flights to 60 cities around the world!... (more)

China's Newest & Fastest Way to Travel - 15 mins to HK, 30 to GZ

December 31, 2019

Be among the first to experience China's newest and fastest way to travel!   ... (more)

Extended Metro Operating Hours for Christmas & New Year Holidays

December 24, 2019

On the 24th and New Year's Day, the Shenzhen Metro will extend its hours of operation by 1 hour. On the 31st, it will be extended by 1.5 hours. In order to meet the travel needs ... (more)

Shekou Ferry Service Cancellations To/From HK in December

December 07, 2019

Shekou Cruise Port has announced that every Saturday and Sunday in December, Ferry Service from Shekou, Shenzhen to Hong Kong Central will be cancelled ... (more)

Massive Crackdowns Ahead of NEW e-Bike Regulations in Shenzhen

December 05, 2019

It's been just over 16 months since Shenzhen held an ... (more)

A Monstrous Abomination To Avoid at All Costs

December 04, 2019

We're in the middle of turkey season and turkey lovers around the world are enjoying their hot turkey dinners, turkey sandwiches, turkey salads, and plen... (more)

Ticket-Less Travel on Guangzhou-Shenzhen Train Just Launched!

December 02, 2019

Yesterday, Sunday, December 1st, a new payment method for riding the Guangzhou-Shenzhen line intercity train officially opened. This new method allows passen... (more)

Shekou Ferry Cancellations Friday November 29th

November 29, 2019

The China Merchants Shekou Cruise Home Port announced today that the following ferry flights will be temporarily suspended today. No specific reason was given:... (more)

Traffic Mess as Shenzhen's 20th Bougainvillea Flower Show Blooms

November 18, 2019

Lotus Hill Park was packed this last weekend as flower enthusiasts visited Shenzhen's 20th Bougainvillea Flower Show. ... (more)

Shekou Ferry Service Cancellations To/From HK in November

November 03, 2019

Shekou Cruise Port has announced that every weekend in November, Ferry Service between Shekou and Hong Kong Central will be cancelled for the schedules listed below. P... (more)

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