Yesterday we published about China's new policy to extend foreigners visas by 60 days. We still received questions to clarify so we thought we'd provide a few example scenarios to help give some peace of mind: 



Scenario 1: You have a business visa valid until January 2021. You last entered China on Febrary 10th, 2020 and have a 30-day entry (aka: stay). Do you have to exit China within 30 days of February 10th (March 11th)? 

Answer: Normally, yes; however, in the current situation, your permitted stay will be extended 60 days from March 11th to May 11th.


Scenario 2: You have a residence permit that expires on March 8th, 2020. Do you have to leave China or get a new residence permit before March 8th?

Answer: Normally yes; however, in the current situation, you will be allowed to stay in China until April 30th without being treated as having overstayed.


Scenario 3: You have a residence permit that expires on March 15 but you're currently out of the country and do not plan to return to China until April 15th. Will you be able to enter?

Answer: No, you will not be able to enter on that visa; however, you can get a visa-on-arrival and then apply for an extension upon your arrival.


Scenario 4: You have a 30-day tourist visa valid until March 5, 2020. You will enter China prior to March 5th, but you want to stay in China until May. Will you be able to?

Answer: Yes, as long as you enter before your visa expires, and until the policy is changed, your visa stay will be extended 60-day. So if you enter on March 4th, you will be able to stay until May 29th, instead of April 3rd.


The bottom line is China doesn't want foreigners to worry and prefer that you stay home and stay safe instead of running around trying to get your stamps or fix expiring visas. Click here for more on the new 60-day extension policy.

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