The Handan Public Security Bureau in Northern China last week deployed three types of traffic robots to aid traffic police in tasks such as patrolling, information consulting and providing accident alerts.

Developed by parties including the Handan municipal public security bureau in Hebei Province, the robots are China's first "robot traffic police" on duty, according to Zhou Zuoying, deputy head of the Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security.

Ma Zhanshan, chief of Handan municipal public security bureau, said the bureau aims to use the robots around the clock in important public locations such as train stations and airports to reduce the work intensity of local traffic police.

Each of the three types of robots have their own specialized functions. The road patrol robot; designed to resemble a traffic police officer in a yellow uniform and white hat, can identify drivers and take photos of drivers' illegal behavior through its automatic navigation system. The advice traffic robot works in vehicle management stations, and is capable of answering questions, guiding residents to counters and automatically reporting security risks and suspects to police.  The accident warning robot will warn passing vehicles when police are dealing with traffic accidents on the road ahead.

The robots will be on duty 24/7, Handan Public Security Bureau official Li Huai told Chinese news site There's no new yet when these robocops will hit the streets of Shenzhen, but it probably won't be long.


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