Life can be difficult, but there's no excuse for taking it out on others or endagering the lives of those around you. One disgruntled passenger is finding out the hard way that emotional breakdowns in the wrong place can have serious consequences.

According to information released by Shenzhen Transportation Bureau——
At 14:22 p.m. on May 27, a male passenger wearing a dark red coat got onto Shenzhen bus M453 at Yueliangwan terminal with a suitcase.
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"I don't have money to buy a ticket. I'll pay for it next time when I go to mangrove," said the passenger. Master Wang nodded to let him get on the bus.

At 14:44, when the bus was about to arrive at Nanyuan village bus station, 16 stations from mangrove station, the man suddenly hit the billboard in front of his seat and shouted, "I want to get off, I want to get off!"
Source: Shenzhen transportation
Despite bus drivers not being allowed to pull over at will, the driver, worried that the man may put other passengers in danger, pulled over and asked why he struck the billboard. The passenger then attacks the bus driver, pushing him more than 10 times in 11 minutes.
The bus driver finally presses the alarm button and calls the Nanshan police for assistance. While they waited for the police to arrive, the passenger became even more upset and started bashing the back door with a fire extinguisher, frightening passengers seated nearby.
The passenger also tried getting the doors open from the cab and engaged in another physical altercation with the driver at which point the driver tried to subdue him until the police arrived.
At 14:55, the police arrived to take the passenger away.
According to Nanshan police, the passenger, surnamed Deng, was cheated when he went out to find a job, so he was hostile to the society and wanted to take revenge on society. The man's behavior is suspected of breaking the law and is he is currently being detained.

In January 2019, the Supreme People's court, and the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the guiding opinions on punishing the illegal acts of impairing the safe driving of public transport vehicles. In accordance with the law, which clearly stipulated that if the passengers carry out the highly dangerous acts of impairing safe driving, they will be convicted and punished for the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous methods. If no serious consequences have been caused, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years. If serious injury or death to a person results or heavy losses to public or private property result, the person shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death.

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