On January 15th, the Tencent WeChat team announced they're now testing a new payment feature where eligible publishers will be able to charge money for people to read some or all of their original articles.

WeChat said that good content creators deserve better benefits, and the WeChat platform strives to provide high-quality content creators with more capabilities and let those who create value reflect the value.

Curious about the new feature? Here are a few answers direct from the WeChat team:

1. What kind of content can be set for payment?

Articles from qualified operators, who have published at least three original articles in the last three months, and who have been registered for more than three months with no serious violations over the past three months, can be set to charge users to read some or all of the original article.

Users can enter "My paid content" through the "..." in the upper right corner of the subscription number list to view the subscription accounts and corresponding paid content that they have paid for.

2. Is there a price for paid articles?

At present, operators can choose their pricing from 35 price ranges from 1 to 208 yuan. The feature currently does not allow operators to customize prices.

3. How to set the paid reading ratio?

Eligible operators can set the proportion of articles that can be read, in accordance with the guidelines, and purchase pricing, from the bottom of the public account editor.

4. Which accounts are currently eligible during this testing period?

At present, the paid function is currently only available for certain eligible subscription accounts, and applications are not being accepted. This capability will be open to more accounts in the future.

5. Can I makes purchases on iOS and Android?

The paid content features works for iOS and Android users; iOS payment through Apple IAP, Android users pay through WeChat payment.

6. Is all the revenue given to the operator? Will the platform cost money to use?

According to the provisions of Apple's "Apple Developer Program", WeChat settles with Apple first, and the remaining funds will be provided to the operator in conjunction with the Apple settlement cycle.

There is no channel cost for the Android payment, and it is settled to the operator monthly. The platform is currently free during the testing period.

7. Can I delete a paid article?

Operators can delete paid reading articles on their own. If the article violates the "WeChat Public Platform Operation Specification", the platform will impose relevant penalties in accordance with the regulations.

We recommend that operators strictly control the quality of paid reading articles and be accountable to users. If user complaints or disputes are caused by the operator's own deletion of the text, the platform will punish them accordingly.

8. Can I still use the praise feature after setting the article as paid?

Paid articles do not currently support the use of praise.

9. Can media and government and business accounts provide paid reading?

They are not supported at this time.

10. Can the articles I paid for be forwarded to friends?

Paid articles can only be viewed by paying users, and other users no matter how they get the article, will need to pay to read them.

11. Is there an option of paying for annual / monthly subscriptions?

The ability to pay for reading is currently only available on a per article basis.


Source: 微信将迎来重大更新

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