To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of China, the 2018 Shekou Gourmet Carnival (aka 2018 Nanshan Global Food Carnival) opened today.


The event will be going on until December 9th from 10am to 10pm on Seafood Street in Old Shekou. (No. 30-34 Shiyun Road, Shekou. Between Old Shekou Street and the Nanshui Pedestrian Street).


The event organizers announced there will be more than 50 pavilions, with 15 international pavilions; including Portuguese cuisine,Korean cuisine, Brazilian cuisine, Thai food, etc. Chinese cuisine is also subdivided into Huainan cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, and there are traditional old-fashioned dishes, as well as new creative dishes.



We stopped by their opening today to grab a few photos for you to have a peek.



Payment can be made directly to vendors.


Event address:

Shekou·Fish Street Seafood Plaza (30-34 Shiyun Road, Shekou)



How to Get There:

  • Metro Line 2 to Dongjiaotou Station (A port) and get off ata short walk;

  • Busses: 332 to Park South Road Station and get off at foot;204/m430/m106 to get off at Shuiwan Subway Station It is within walkingdistance; the m105 section line is a short walk from Shekou Bus Station.



  • Hotline: 186-7671-0625

  • Service hotline: 4008529365

  • Event promotion hotline: 13630089105

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