Shekou community shares their love with Liang Jin and Simone Waddell

I want to take this moment to thank everyone involved in the Liang Jin benefit concert held at the movie theater in Gateway 1 in Shekou. 

Simone Wardell and her guitarist Manning presented a wonderful afternoon of a variety of musical styles with some involving video accompaniment. For visiting artists to interrupt their busy lives to help make a difference in a young boy's life was amazing and heartfelt. 

Simone said after spending time around Liang Jin that she was besotted. He was nothing like she imagined and was very happy she was able to help this amazing young boy. Simone's range of vocals and the effortless manner she presented both her original music and jazz standards left everyone in attendance thrilled and excited to be in attendance. 

The guitarist Manning was ill but persevered with amazing instrumental interpretations that made several jazz classics his own. His instrumental arrangement on a Chinese song had every Chinese in attendance speechless by the difference his style made a song they all knew so different. 

Thanks to LiYa, who is organizing part of the artists itinerary in China. She is the one who mentioned Liang Jin's story to the artists. She must have told a compelling story as the artists jumped at the opportunity to donate their time and efforts for Liang Jin. 

Mind the Gap soundman, frontman and lead singer Alberto stepped up as usual and donated his time and his friend Mike time over two days to support the benefit concert. There was never a doubt that the sounds required would be flawless and he did not disappoint with his efforts. 

Deyi charity association supplied several volunteers to support the benefit concert. Their efforts helped everything run smoothly and over a thousand rmb of Liang Jin merchandise was sold. For a group of young people to volunteer their off day to help shows that Deyi was the right choice when we were looking for a charity to work with to help Liang Jin. 

Rudy and Kathy Diaz did their normal amazing job in making sure the event happened. With short notice and a lot of different kinds of things needing to be done, they were able to make it happen. 
Ticket sales were better than expected. With short notice and on a busy weekend sports wise, the Shekou community stepped up and bought 111 of the possible 180 tickets.

I feel so fortunate to live in such a caring community. I would like to thank several people and groups for helping spread the word about the benefit. Gary Isse with Shekou Daily, Kathy with SISPA and Chrystine with SWIC. All their efforts helped make the benefit a success.

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04 Nov 2019

By Dan Pippin

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