Rise in the quality of Cricket in Shenzhen

Following on from the last time when we wrote about Cricket, when locals and expats in Shenzhen resumed the Sport Post Covid-19 scare and lockdown in March 2020. These lads haven't taken a step back and have put their extra mile efforts to keep the game of Cricket running in city for every single weekend. With a special mention of sponsors '4D SPORTS' and 'LONGMANS' who are pouring their time, money and love for this Sport and encouraging local players, volunteers and local businesses.

It is very exciting to see that 4D SPORTS in partnership with LONGMANS have organized 3 Cricket tournaments in past few months with teams and players participating from Guangzhou, Xiamen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Shanghai and Shenzhen. All these tournaments had at least 3-4 teams participating in and taking back winning trophies and handsome gift packages for best performers. Most recently, a T20 Cricket tournament comprising 4 teams was successfully hosted in Liantang Ground, Luohu, Shenzhen from 1st October to 3rd October.

With all these tournaments being organized almost every month, we're seeing a 'Rise in the quality of Cricket in South China', as teams and players are getting chances to play with competitive opponents in a tight matches with win and glory on stakes. To further compliment this 'Game of Gentlemen', 4D SPORTS and LONGMANS are graciously welcoming 'BEIJING DUCKS CRICKET CLUB' to play in Shenzhen for 1st Bilateral City level series of the year. A highly anticipated Cricket series where Best players of Shenzhen will battle it against Bests of Beijing. Regardless whoever wins this series, we're expecting and cheering for Cricket and friendship to win.

There's a quote by a wise man saying “Cricket matches are not about losing and winning, it is about enjoying.”

If you're a Cricket enthusiast, do not hold yourselves, reach out to Shenzhen Cricket Community to play, watch or talk about Cricket. Contact Lalit Sharma 15907550500 or Abhishek Rana 13682481786 to join.

Shenzhen Cricket Community is waiting to see you on the field.

Author: Mohit Mehta

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08 Oct 2020

By Mohit Mehta

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