Nanshan Mountain: The key to a healthier and happier 2020?

Walking. An action so often taken for granted and for many would not constitute much of a vigorous workout. Yet, the benefits of a stroll are essential in keeping us healthy in body and mind. 

Someone who knows and understands these great numbers of benefits is local man Phillip Mahon, or as he is commonly known, Filly. The English teacher from Northern Ireland has been walking almost daily up Nanshan mountain and believes it is the key to his healthy life.


Due to the relaxing and tranquil mood felt when ascending the mountain, mixed with the “powerful” feeling at the top, Filly has really taken to walking and wants more people in Shekou to take part. 


“I’d tell people to climb Nanshan (mountain) because it's a very rewarding and refreshing experience,'' he said. “If you need a break or want some nature in your life or fancy a workout, it’s the perfect place to go”


It is not just Filly who has espoused the virtues of walking. Neuroscientist and author, Shane O’Mara has recently written a book called “In Praise of Walking” which argues that walking improves people's health, happiness and, notably, intelligence. 


The brain, O’Mara says, works far greater when the body is moving and pointed to the numerous examples of great inventors who walked and found breakthroughs mid stroll. More importantly, though, there is evidence to show leading a sedentary and immobile life does cause your brain to suffer. 


Some may be deterred by the daunting prospect of a mountain climb, however, all ages should be able to climb the smaller Xiaonanshan (小南山) section side. There are many routes that you can take up the different sides of the mountain, each giving you a spectacular view. On the Dananshan (大南山) side, at the highest point, you can see Nei Lingding island, Hong Kong across Shenzhen Bay and Futian. 


The best feeling of all is the quiet and peace this mountain gives you. In a city of 12.5 million, which never sleeps, it is often hard to find a place that is so full of nature and peaceful too. Shenzhen and Shekou do and have amazing opportunities which should be explored, Nanshan mountain is one of them. 


So, next time you are stressed, need a break or finding the busy January gyms unbearable, look up and give Nanshan mountain a try. 



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18 Jan 2020

By Adam Slater

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