Local animals in need for September

This article spotlights current animal rescue cases in Shenzhen, as well as updates on previous cases, each month.

Private animal rescuers are able to continue taking new resuce cases thanks to support from the public. Local rescuers thanks everyon who shares, donates, and adopts!

Angel was found stranded in the rain on Sept. 3. She is ready to be adopted! She will also needs a short-term foster home from Spet. 28 to Oct. 8 and needs 389rmb to cover her needs.


Ping An is an 8-10 year old senior dog who was found outside by a kind heart on Christmas Eve and been in the clinic ever since. He needs a forever home!


Monique and Mia are purebreed husky puppes rescued from a slaughterhouse in Harbin. They are currently under the care of Karuna Rescue and need adopters asap!



Kid's fur has grown back! He is ready for adoption and his rescuer still needs 974rmb in support.


Pepper is still looking for his forever home! He also needs 2,370rmb in support for his medical expenses.


Siddhartha was adopted by his rescuers and now lives with their other dog, also rescued by them. Way to go, Siddhartha!

To keep up to date on animal rescue efforts in Shenzhen, contact Pam on WeChat at 17724601244.

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22 Sep 2019

By Pamela Code

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