Let your passion overcome the fears

As we entered the year 2020, everyone was so excited and forward-looking to what this year is going to bring. However, surprisingly in the month of January, a pandemic ’Covid-19’ hit China and eventually the whole world. Many People left stranded at locations wherever they were and had to suffer major financial and psychological setbacks. Majority of the people from Shenzhen expats community couldn't return back and are still in their home countries. Meanwhile, there were few lucky ones who returned in time or didn't leave china during COVID times. Among these, there was an EXPAT group of
passionate individuals who showed the courage and determination to resume outdoor sports while encountering the fear of COVID. It was the fear of not gathering publicly and meeting socially leave aside any team sports.

But, their PASSION overpowered their FEAR. Following the COVID norms, they came out in March 2020 while wearing the masks and invited others to join them. Now, what was this passion about? It was about playing CRICKET. Yes, you read it right, CRICKET.

These EXPATS from India, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan and now joined by a few local Chinese players are playing Cricket regularly every Sunday since March in Luohu, Shenzhen. Their population strength and gathering is increasing every week as now teams from Guangzhou (Panyu) are also joining them. Last week, they hosted a tournament of 3 teams having 11 team members each successfully with prizes and awards distributed to the best performers. They plan to continue the weekend games following their immense passion.

If you're interested to play or watch Cricket in Shenzhen, Contact Lalit Sharma 15907550500 or Abhishek Rana 13682481786

Above is just an example of how we could leverage our favorite sport or any other activity we love to do to channel our energy to something positive or productive. They played Cricket, what do you do? Share your thoughts and feedback in comments below.

Author: Mohit Mehta

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15 Aug 2020

By Mohit Mehta

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