How to Survive a Fire in Shenzhen - Essential Skills Everyone Must Know

One of the most terrifying experiences one can have is being in a tall burning building.

Trust me, I've been there myself. Shortly after 8am Saturday, September 9th, 2017, I was woken up by dark black smoke entering my apartment.

Click here for more on this fire at Sea Dynasty Apartment Complex in Shekou, Shenzhen


Within seconds my wife ran in with the kids in tow yelling for us to leave the apartment because there was a fire below us (literally... just two floors below us). We immediately ran out to the stairwell which was already full of pitch black smoke.


Not the first apartment fire in Shekou, Shenzhen

There have been many other similar fires in Shekou over the last few years. The Milan Gong Yue apartment complex, near the Shekou Bus Station, has had two; one on March 11th, 2017 and another on October 2nd, 2017. Even Peninsula had one on May 20th, 2017.

There have also been many other non-residential fires during this period of time; most recently one seen from across Shenzhen at the seaside promenade near Coastal Rose Garden 2. Click here for more on those.


Over the last few years, Shenzhen has stepped up its fire inspections to increase safety and has actively shut down businesses that do not meet fire codes.

That doesn't mean; however, that we should relax.

We learned later that the fire in our building was caused by an overheated battery charger. Most of us don't think that something as simple as charging our phones could lead to such disaster. Luckily, with the quick response of the fire department and help from community management personnel, the fire in our building was contained to just a few units and there were only minor injuries; however, we never know when we're going to be in a similar situation and how much worse it could be, so it's important to learn how to react accordingly. We may not be so lucky next time.




The Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center is holding a FREE informative Fire Safety event from 2:20-5:30pm on June 26th to help us all learn how to protect ourselves in case of a fire.

Everyone is welcome to this comprehensive event; which will be held in Chinese and English, and will include hands-on training on fire equipment use, how to avoid common but hidden dangers, simulation escape tunnels, VR experiences, CPR training and more.

There will also be a real fire truck there for the kids to experience, and everyone in attendance will also receive a free gift, so bring your family, your friends, your ayis, your in-laws and everyone else you care about!


Click here to learn more or Scan the QR code above to sign up now for this FREE informative event

Date/Time: June 26, 2019, 2:20-5:30pm

Event Language: Chinese and English

Venue: Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center

Address: 1st Floor, Imperial Park I, Wanghai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Metro: Line 2 Sea World Exit A

Bus: Numbers 22, 79, 80; Sea World South, or Sea World Stops

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24 Jun 2019

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