A Fun Day in Shekou

Shekou has grown over the years I have lived in Shenzhen, and it keeps on bringing more and more amazing things to do, places to go, and people to meet. Today I am going to share what I would recommend a first time visitor to shekou to do.


##Rent a Bike at Shenzhen Bay Park


The Greenway has been completed - you can take a bike now across Shenzhen along the bay. I often take a bike with my family from Futian over to Shekou. It is a nice ride along the Shenzhen Bay water overlooking various Hong Kong districts, bridges, and various areas of Shenzhen.


Take a break along your way, grab some ice cream and snacks, watch the fishermen. Often times you can find a band in the park or other entertainment happening.


Don’t have your own bike, no problem! Rent a bike from various stands spread out throughout the Shenzhen Bay Park. You can rent singe bikes, or even get a 2, or even 3 seater for your family and loved ones! Rent on an hourly basis for a very reasonable fee.

 Michelini - A Fun Day in Shekou

How long can you bike for? It can be as long as a day trip to as short as an hour or two up and down a piece of the greenway. It will get the blood flowing and the energy picked up for a fun filled day ahead.


##Hike Nanshan Mountain


Not into bikes, or want even more outdoor adventures? Then the Nanshan mountain is a nice and easy mountain right in Shekou. About an hour and a half to three hours (depending on your speed) to get up and down the mountain, you can enter the mountain from Seaworld and come down on the outskirts of Shekou and Nanshan.


On top of the mountain you will have a nice view of the Shekou district, as well as Hong Kong and other districts of Shenzhen. Seeing this view will make you realize how developed this area has become!


Don’t have hiking gear? No problem! The majority of the hike is man-made stairs and we often see some local Chinese walking it barefoot or high heels! Pack up some water bottles or buy at stands scattered across the mountain to stay hydrated. Especially in the summer time, but Shenzhen is often hot and humid throughout the year.


##Enjoy Food! Western + Chinese Cuisine to Choose From


After getting some outdoor exposure and exercise, time to enjoy some of the food Shekou has to offer. Record amounts of new restaurants have opened giving you a wide range of places to choose from. You’ll probably head on down to Seaworld Square. This isn’t where you’ll find whales - its a place that has a landlocked cruise ship and plenty of small bars and restaurants to choose from.


You can also take your kids on some of the simple kid games that some local businesses may set up in the middle of the square.


##Watch the Water Show at Night


Sticking around the Seaworld Square, right behind the cruise ship is a new water fountain system. At night they have designated water shows synchronized with music. Huddle around the other on-lookers or find a restaurant with a good view of it. Quite a bit of thought was put into this and you will enjoy a few songs for about ten minutes a few times each evening. Kids love it, and whenever I bring someone there for the first time they are a bit amazed that this is China.


Great environment, great sights, and a wide range of food to choose from.


##Bars and Bands To Rock the Night Away


Still got energy? Had a fun filled day - but the nightlife has plenty of options. You can walk around Sea world and find a few places with live bands and fun people waiting to meet you.


Find a seat in the back and enjoy a cocktail with live music for your enjoyment. The party doesn’t stop - get on the dance floor and get your groove on! Bars are open till late, often letting you party until the sun comes up!


##Shekou is a Great Tourist Destination


Shekou has always been a sightseeing place for both foreigners and Chinese - but now with their recent renovations and expansions it is a top place in Shenzhen and China to check out! Friends from around China have mentioned it to me and are excited to stop by and see what all the news is about.


From biking to hiking, to food, water shows, and nightlife - you will enjoy your day (or more!) hanging out in Shekou.



Michael Michelini
About the Author: Michael Michelini

Michael Michelini is an American internet marketer on the border of Hong Kong and China since late 2007. He consults for Chinese and multinational companies, large and small, in e-commerce and marketing and has been featured in various media outlets include Forbes, Tech in Asia, GuangdongTV, Start-ups HK and more. His passion is content marketing and building online communities. In April 2016 he organized and held the first "Cross Border Summit" bringing together like-minded business people from all over the world to discuss various aspects of trade in and between China. He can be found on the web at mikesblog.com or globalfromasia.com

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21 Jun 2016

By Michael Michelini

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