5 Video Games That You Can Finish In One Sitting

Hi folks Drew from PaXaN here. With our busy adult lives forcing us to do busy adult things like grocery shopping, laundry and having to go to boring old work we often just don’t have the time to sit down and finish some of our favourite video games. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may be an absolute masterpiece in terms of gameplay, setting and its 20+ hour main campaign, and if you are a fan of anything Tolkien then it’s something you have to go through, but this juggernaut of content is just too much sometimes. Nowadays though there are plenty of games that don’t require you climb a mountain made of time, games that are beautiful and awe inspiring in their own right but also understand that you’ve got to be up for work in the morning and that 3:00am is no longer a sensible time to go to bed. With that in mind here are 5 video games that you can finish in one sitting.


Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, MIcrosoft Windows, Android, iOS)

The first entry on this list is a wonderful fantasy adventure that you can leisurely stroll through in roughly 3 hours. An aspect about the game that might take the most time getting used to is the need to control two characters simultaneously, one with each stick on the controller. The other option of course is get a trusted friend or partner to snuggle up with you as you share one control pad, this method either making your time with Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons a magical journey that deepens an already solid bond or the more likely scenario of being the catalyst for the biggest argument in recent memory because someone was taking too long to walk across a bloody log. However you choose to play this game has a heart-warming story following the titular siblings on a quest to cure their dying father. This journey will take you through an ever changing landscape of picture book style visuals and music that will melt your heart and put you at ease, similar to any moment the music from The Shire came on in the original The Lord of the Rings movies. The game doesn’t really pose much of a challenge. There won’t be a need for button bashing your way through a towering behemoth of a boss or burning out your synapses on a seemingly impossible puzzle, instead the game draws you in with its story. This short game is proof that the experience you have while playing matters and that you really don’t need an apocalyptic setting or a long haired sword wielding lunatic hell bent on bringing the world to end to have a great story, you can do just as well with two rambunctious boys smacking people on the arse (this is of course an optional mechanic in the game but one we should definitely take full advantage of). If you don’t have much free time on your hands but desperately want to ride a roller-coaster made of the expected elation and despair that comes with most fantasy settings then this is the perfect game for you.


Limbo (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows)

Our next entry on this list is Limbo. This is a bleak, monochrome side scrolling puzzle game that should take around 4 hours to finish as long as you don’t have a deep seated fear of giant-shadow-can’t-see-all-of-it’s-horrible-body spiders because there is totally one of these following you for most of the game. Now this opening has made Limbo seem a bit of a bad choice for your precious free time but its puzzles are so intricately designed and the visuals are a surprising welcome break from the bombardment of colour in all other types of media. The game is so playable and wants you to discover its dark secrets so much that it practically just throws you straight into the story without even a hint of a tutorial. At the start of the game this is no issue with the standard jump on and/or over something to finish a puzzle being your absolute bread and butter. As the game goes on the puzzles get harder and more complex until you’re eventually wrangling with mid-leap gravity change inspired puzzles you almost find yourself wishing for the ease of two hours earlier when all you had to really contend with was the giant spider with legs like hairy, disgusting samurai swords. Giving away the story just wouldn’t do justice to booting up this game for the first time and experiencing a speechless narrative that will have you questioning your own existence……. well, at least until samurai legs comes back then it’s just back to scream and run.


Firewatch (PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows)

This entry in particular is an achingly beautiful story set in the Wyoming wilderness of 1989. The visuals alone are nearly enough reason for this game not making it onto a list of games you can finish in one sitting, as the reason being because you are given a disposable camera to play with and utterly gorgeous sandbox environment within which to point it. If you peel yourself away from the 4 hour main campaign and give those virtual hiking boots a good work out then you may find yourself just wandering around and slack-jawing your way through the wilderness for double that time. However the writers of this title deserve just as much praise for an eerie and intriguing story pulls you through it relatively short campaign at a decent canter. With each new chapter in the game you’ll find yourself hooked and hard pressed to actually tear yourself away until one of multiple endings to game rolls around and you’re just left there soaking everything in, with memories of wandering through a clearing just listening to the delightful mixture of bird song and ambience. This entire experience serves as a reminder to yourself that sometimes it’s actually nice to just be on your own and every once in a while we need to take time to just let the calmness of an open space wash over us. Despite it being on this list you really do have to play this one a few times to change the back story of the main character a little bit. Each individual detail will change not only how you perceive your new virtual self but the way some of the NPCs talk to you and respond to your actions. No matter how you choose to shape your character the combination of story and setting just make this game a must play for anyone who has a few hours to spare. 


Abzŭ (PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows)

The penultimate entry on this list is something entirely unique, in terms of a video game, and you would hard pressed to be able to compare to anything else other an interactive David Attenborough voiced Netflix romp through the wonders of marine life. This game is quite possibly the most mesmerizing 2 hours you can spend on a console. You play a mystery diver with an unlimited oxygen supply, which in itself is a brilliant design choice because it does away with the panic and anxiety that is usually associated with submarine levels in regular video games. Your objective for this adventure is beautifully simple and yet profoundly rewarding, simply swim through each level at your own pace and interact with any aquatic creatures that you may comes across. There are a few mysterious objects dotted around each section of the game which help to weave a subtle narrative thread throughout your time with Abzu, allowing you to dig further into the game’s mysterious lore if you so desire. It’s almost a guarantee though that you will spend the majority of your time swimming alongside a majestic manta ray, then later getting up close and personal with a powerful great white shark, followed by playfully gliding along with a school of fish,topping off your underwater adventure by marveling at awe-inspiring blue whales. This game does a brilliant job of raising the natural world from its foundations of realism and guiding both you and it gently into a realm of pure wonder. The creators basically want your jaw to be dropped for the entirety of your 2 hour run through and have done everything they can to make that happen. There are moments of quiet reflection quickly followed by moments of deep sorrow or searing joy. You’ll find yourself juggling the elation of beauty and despair on a regular basis, and this all comes from a game who took Dory’s advice and gets you to “just keep swimming”. You can even make the game last a little bit longer if you feel as though you aren’t yet ready to re-join the real (not underwater) world, by engaging in a spot of meditation at certain points throughout each section. Whilst doing this you can then move the camera around and learn all the names of the marine life you share this world with, adding a spot of education to your wondrous journey. 


Journey (PS3, PS4)

The final entry on this list is a game that will do good on its namesake and take you on an emotional journey that will make you feel things that you never thought you would feel for a digitally unnamed, non-speaking, poncho wearing group of pixels that is the protagonist. The game truly has everything you need to give the emotional workout you so desire. It’s packed with gorgeous visuals, a delightful soundtrack and a story hidden away just enough in the beautiful environment that it begs you to discover it. One of the high points of the game is its playfulness with what a journey actually means to a player. Yes there is the physical journey from point A to point B, point B being a giant mountain off in the distance that you are constantly heading towards, but there’s also a visual journey of a traversing across a sun kissed desert to ice ridden mountain tops, making your way through gloomy depths leading into a vivid and colorful sky paradise. All that is before we get to the musical journey that accompanies these set pieces, contrasting each area with lavish use of a string quartet. One instant you feel a sense of melancholy only to be instantly elated with the use of a euphoric score. All this combined really does take you on the promised emotional journey from wonder to joy, despair to elation and a sense that overcoming these figurative barriers will somehow fix whatever is going on in your life. This truly could be the most magical and complete 3 hours you could spend on a console and game’s control mechanics and narrative puzzles do nothing but reinforce this idea.


That’s our list for the 5 video games that you can finish in one sitting. Each one in it’s own right is a fantastic taste of what this genre of media has to offer while also leaving you enough time afterwards to make sure the washing up is done. Do you have any other games that you have easily played through and finished in one sitting? Leave a like and comment down below telling me which ones. Thanks for reading!


Article written by Drew Lewis and edited by Erik Larsen

Hi folks, Drew here from PaXaN. I am an up and coming video game journalist looking to inject your daily cravings for virtual screen time with various features on video games and the industry itself. Keep an eye on this space for more news and features on your favourite games both new and old. Have an idea for a feature piece or something you’d like for me to cover? Send me a message on WeChat or email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. WeChat ID: DrewAW, Email: awl1989@yahoo.co.uk

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03 Apr 2018

By Drew from PaXaN

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